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Accounting Rules

Tax Year
From 21 December to 20 December. Companies have the option to choose a different year-end date, subject to the approval of tax authorities.
Accounting Standards
IFRS standards are required for all companies other than micro-sized, and for all banks.
Accounting Regulation Bodies
Supreme Audit Office
Accounting Reports
The main financial documents in Afghanistan are the statement of financial position (balance sheet), the statements of comprehensive income (profit and loss statement), changes in equity and cash flows, and notes, comprising a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory information.
Publication Requirements
According to the Afghanistan Corporations and Limited Liability Companies Law, all companies are required to deliver their financial statements to shareholders not less than 15 days prior to the Regular/Annual Meeting of the Shareholders.
Professional Accountancy Bodies
CPA Afghanistan , Certified Professional Accountants Afghanistan
Certification and Auditing
As of March 2018, Certified Professional Accountants Afghanistan (CPA Afghanistan) regulates all the Financial Audit Firms and Professional Accountancy Services. Only a member of CPA Afghanistan can be appointed as an external auditor (Registered Auditor) of a company.
Accounting News

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