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Main Useful Means of Transport
Goods transport (national and regional) in Argentina is dominated by road transport. Most internal freight transport of goods in 2018 was done by road (88% of total tonnes-km). Rail and water transport only amounted to 4% and 8%, respectively (Ministry of Transport, latest data available). Goods circulating internally are mostly made of mining products, grains and industrial goods. The road network covers practically all the country, though approximately 60% of the network is in poor condition.

Maritime transport is the most important mode for imports and exports, accounting for more than 90% of imports and two-thirds of exports in 2018. The port of Buenos Aires constitutes 60% of port traffic and the port of La Plata is also very important. The Uruguay and Parana rivers are crucial for connecting Buenos Aires with economic areas inside the country, in Brazil and in Paraguay.

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