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Organitzar el transport de mercaderies des de i cap Bulgària

Main Useful Means of Transport
Bulgaria is well-situated, between Western Europe and Turkey however the roads and railways are badly maintained. The train remains the best way to transport goods in the country.
A bilateral agreement on transport of goods by road and the promotion of combined transport between Bulgaria and the European Community was signed in July 2000. With regard to goods transport, the bilateral agreement establishing certain conditions for the carriage of goods by road and the promotion of combined transport entered into force in 2001.
However, the capacity of the Ministry of Transport to prepare, manage and monitor trans-European network projects is still inadequate.
The site of Burgas's port
The site of Varna's port
Sofia Airport
Sea Transport Organisations
Bulgarian Maritime Administration
Ministry of Transport Bulgaria
Air Transport Organisations
Bulgarian Air traffic Authority
Road Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport
Rail Transport Organisations
Bulgarian State Railways

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