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Opening hours and bank holidays

General Information
Opening Hours and Days
Shops' opening hours in the main cities are generally from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm (Monday-Saturday). Certain shops are open till noon on Sundays and public holidays.
The opening hours of offices in the private sector are normally 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday and 9am to noon on Saturday.

Banking hours:
Monday to Thursday : 9.15 am -3.15 pm
Friday: 9.15 am -3.30 pm
Saturday: 9.15 am -11.15 am (some banks only).

Public Holidays

New Year's Day 1st Jan
New Year Holiday 2nd Jan
Chinese New Year movable
Abolition of Slavery 1st Feb
Thaipoosam Cavadee movable
Maha Shivaratree Maha Shivaratree
National Day 12th Mar
Ugadi movable
Eid al-Fitr movable
Labour Day 1st May
Ganesh Chaturthi movable
All Saints' Day 1st Nov
Arrival of Indentured Labourers 2nd Nov
Divali movable
Christmas Day 25th Dec
Holiday Compensation
According to the Workers' Rights Act (art. 30 and 24), for work performed on public holidays, a worker shall be remunerated at not less than twice the basic hourly rate for every hour of work.

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