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Main Useful Means of Transport
Over 99% of Israel’s international trade is handled via its seaports. According to the latest data available, 52,203 million tons of goods transit through Israeli ports every year, with an average yearly growth rate of 4%. Of these, 27,973 million tons passed from the port of Haifa, 24,086 from Ashdod, 2,825 from Shipyards’ port (the first and only privately owned port in Israel) and 2,107 from that of Eilat.
The port of Haifa is the most important as 50.3% of all the freight that passed through all four ports in Israel in 2018 passed through it. In January 2020, the Israeli privatization committee approved plans to sell the Port of Haifa.
In 2018, air transport freight for Israel was 994.5 million ton-km (World Bank), while only 1.4 million ton-km were transported by rail.
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