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Main Useful Means of Transport
The specialised port sector (containers) is in full expansion in Italy. According to the latest available EU-wide Eurostat data, five of the 20 busiest ports in the EU, in terms of container traffic, are located in Italy. The role of sea transport has been expanded in Italy thanks to the project of 'Motorways of the Sea' in the framework of the development of the trans-European transport network.

According to Eurostat, more than 780,000 tonnes of freight transit arrive in Italy each year via the two international airports of Milano Malpensa and Roma Fiumicino.

Goods transport by road measures 1,238 million tonnes per year.

The Italian rail network carries 96 million tonnes of goods every year in Italy.

Port of Genoa
Port of La Spezia
Port of Naples
Port of Livorno
Port of Ancona
Port of Taranto
Port of Gioia Tauro
Rome Airports
Sea Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport
Air Transport Organisations
Fedespedi - National Federation of International Shipment Enterprises
Ministry of Transport
Road Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport
Rail Transport Organisations
National Railway Safety Agency
Ministry of Transport

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