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Organitzar el transport de mercaderies des de i cap Lituània

Main Useful Means of Transport
Lithuania has the best roads of the region. Transport of goods by road is efficient and can be done in all directions. The EU recognized Lithuania as a prime transport center in the region and the EU's transportation Commission designated the two routes running through Lithuania, the North-South highway and the rail route connecting Scandinavia with Central Europe as well as the East-West route linking the huge Eastern markets with the rest of Europe as being the ten most important in Europe.
Klaipeda's port
Vilnius International Airport
Palanga Internatinal Airport (small regional airport situated in the west part of the country)
Kaunas Airport
Sea Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport
Air Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport
Civil Aviation Administration
Road Transport Organisations
Ministry of transport
Rail Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport
Lithuanian railways

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