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Opening hours and bank holidays

General Information
Opening Hours and Days
Typical business hours are 08:00-17:00 - Monday to Friday - for offices. Banks are usually open between 09:00 and 15:30 Monday to Friday and between 08:30-12:00 on Saturday.

Public Holidays

1 January New Years Day
21 March Independence Day
30 March (Friday before Easter) Good Friday
2 April Easter Monday
1 May Workers Day
4 May Cassinga Day
10 May Ascension Day
25 May Africa Day
26 August Heroes' Day
10 December Human Rights Day/ Women's Day
25 December Christmas
26 December Family Day
Holiday Compensation
 If a public holiday falls on a non-work day, Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday is substituted as a public holiday.

Periods When Companies Usually Close

Closure for Easter End of March - Early April
Closure for Christmas End of December

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