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La xarxa de distribució a Puerto Rico

Evolution of the Sector
The retail sector has been growing. Sales performance of retailers in Puerto Rico is generally higher than that of their U.S. counterparts. Shopping centre sales are among the highest in the United States. The average annual sales in the retail sector reached $35b in 2011 per 7253 businesses. There are many laws governing the distribution sector, including the Ley General de Corporaciones (Act 164 of 2009) and Ley sobre Contratos of Distribucion (Act No. 75).
Market share
The largest retail chains are: WalMart, Kmart and Sears Roebuc
Plaza las Américas, Mayagüez Mall and Plaza Carolina are the three largest malls.
The leading supermarkets are Econo, Selectos and Centro Ahorros.
JF Montalvo Cash & Carry leads in the cash & carry sector
Retail Sector Organisations
The Marketing, Industry and Food Distribution Chamber (MIDA)
Puerto Rico Retailer Association
Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico

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