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Legal Forms of Companies

Number of partners: Close corporations: limited to a maximum of 75 individual shareholders.

Subchapter N Corporation: maximum 75 shareholders or members.
Shareholders and liability: Corporate liability limited to the actions of the company.

Limited liabilities company, LLC
Shareholders and liability: No member or manager is not personally liable for the obligations of the LLC outside their responsibility as a manager or a member.
Number of partners: Minimum of two persons
Shareholders and liability: Unlimited and joint liability of partners regarding the losses, damages, expenses and liabilities; except for limited liability partnerships and for secondary partners in limited partnerships and special partnerships.
Sole proprietorship
Number of partners: A single owner
Shareholders and liability: Unlimited liability for the debts and obligations of the company.
The Competent Organisation
Puerto Rico Registry of Corporations
Setting Up a Company Puerto Rico Latin America & Caribbean
Procedures (number) 6.0 8.0
Time (days) 5.5 25.2

Source: Doing Business, 2016

Business Setup Procedures
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