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National Standards Organisations
Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (UNMZ)
Integration in the International Standards Network

The Czech Republic has harmonised its standards with European Standards. The Czech Republic is a member of:

Classification of Standards
Original Czech standards (10% of the overall annual production of technical standards), which can only be use in areas where European or international standards do not exist, are designated by : CSN + 2 numbers of the class + 2 numbers showing the rank under the class + 2 numbers showing only the sort order (CSN 73 4301)

European or international standards (90% of overall annual development of technical standards) are designated like that CSN EN 115, CSN ISO 1735 , CSN EN ISO 9001, CSN IEC 61713, CSN ETS 300 976
For more info see website of Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing.

Online Consultation of Standards
Czech Standards Institute
Certification Organisations
Czech and Slovak Testing Board
Institute for Testing and Certification
Czech Accreditation Institute ( in czech)

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