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Main Useful Means of Transport
The country has about 90 commercial ports, 11 of which are very large. Only 4.5% of domestic freight transport is carried out by sea, owing largely to Turkey's lack of maritime infrastructures for domestic use. Nevertheless, about 87% of Turkey's foreign trade is carried out by sea. In 2019, 22.5 billion ton-kilometers of freight were transported by coastal shipping in Turkey.

Air freight only represents 0.3% of goods transport, and 1% of passengers at the domestic level. Air traffic has, however, been growing steadily for several years. In order to respond to this growth over the coming years, the Turkish authorities have started a program to develop and modernise airport infrastructures: the SMART project (Systematic Modernisation of ATM Resources in Turkey). Airports in Turkey are well connected to most major cities in Europe, Middle Eastern Asia and the United States, with direct flights on a daily basis.

85% of domestic freight by volume is handled by trucking and road transport. The paved road network in Turkey comprises 65,400 km of roads, including 5,500 km of motorways. Over the last ten years, the Government has launched vast investment programmes in order to improve the road network. Only 11% of foreign trade is carried out by road.

Rail transport only represents 5 % of domestic freight transport. The Turkish rail network has 10,508 km of track, including 8,607 km of main lines and 1,901 km of secondary lines; however, only 2,065 km of the lines are electrified (i.e. 19.6% of the total). The main lines are Ankara-Istanbul, Istanbul-Kapikule (Greece) and Divrigi-Iskenderun.

Marport (Ambarli)
Kumport (Ambarli)
Istanbul International Airport (Europe)
Sabiha Gökçen Airport - Istanbul (Asia)
Ankara Esenboğa Airport
Sea Transport Organisations
Under-Secretariat of Maritime Affairs
Turkish Chamber of Shipping
Directorate General of Coastal Security
Air Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure
Directorate General of Civil Aviation
Road Transport Organisations
Turkish Road Association
Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure
Rail Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications

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