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Industry accounts for 21 % of Uganda's GDP in 2017 and employs about 7% of the labour force. Manufacturing allows the country to yield more benefits from its agricultural production. The agro-food sector is processing coffee, tea, nuts, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, canning of animal products and forage production. In addition, the industry focuses on the production of fertilizers and also the processing of skins into leather, and silk and cotton textile. The mining industry is engaged in the extraction of iron, gold, cobalt, copper, tin, wolframite, cement and phosphates. The first gold refinery in the country was inaugurated in 2017 in Kampala to boost gold sector earnings and make the country a gold-trading hub. The construction sector has also witnessed major growth since the 1990s liberalization, supported by government-initiated infrastructures projects such as the Isimba hydropower plant or the oil pipeline to Dar es Salaam. But in the longer term, the thriving of the sector will depend on the capacity of the manufacturing industry to provide the necessary goods and equipment in order to reduce import dependence.
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