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Evolution of the Sector
The formal food wholesale and retail sector in Zambia was estimated to be worth USD 12.85 billion in 2016. Before the liberalisation of the economy in the 1990s, the sector was dominated by state-owned stores as well a number of traditional small-scale family-owned businesses. In recent years however, private supermarket chain stores have been spreading across Zambia. As a result, the sector is now dominated by foreign regional supermarket chains (such as Shoprite, Spar and Pick 'n Pay). However, it is estimated that up to 70% of households buy their food through informal channels, mainly fom traditional small stalls, street vendors, informal shops and kiosks, as well as marketplaces. Nevertheless, the number of people shopping in supermarkets is constantly growing, and with the increase in the urbanisation rate there will be more opportunities for formal retailing. Total food consumption is predicted to grow at 10% over the next few years (source: Reportlinker).
Market share
Shoprite, Spar, Woolworth's and Pick 'n Pay.

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